Why You Should Get a Skylight

A skylight isn’t just a window on a roof anymore. Some homeowners may consider it a luxury, but having a skylight can definitely benefit any home. A skylight can brighten a dark attic or a dreary room. It can capture a scenic view or show the stars in the night sky. It can also provide needed ventilation during a hot summer days or capture heat during a cold winter nights. A skylight can fit any Canadian home with the right skylight installers Toronto.

Why get a skylight?

If you don’t already have a skylight in your home, then you should consider getting one. One of the most cited reasons for installing a skylight at home is that it provides natural light. Natural lighting can improve a dull room and can also reduce the use of artificial lights. A skylight can also brighten hard-to-light areas in a house. Naturally-lit spaces are more enjoyable and attractive and can create a healthier home.

A thick skylight with multiple panes and gas fills is also an insulator. It can not only prevent heat loss, but can also keep out loud sounds and noise. This is good since skylights can help maintain a quiet environment at home where owners can rest and relax. Homeowners with thinner panes can get theirs upgraded or repaired with skylight repairs Toronto.

An operable skylight – a window that can be opened – also provides natural ventilation. Operable skylights can be opened through a hand crank, remote control, wall switch, or automatic temperature sensor. Ventilation is good for a home especially during hot summers whene the heat is concentrated and trapped in the upper levels of a house. Canadian homeowners can get operable skylights through skylight installation Toronto.

One of the best reasons to install a skylight in your home is that it provides a green alternative for your home. A carefully designed and installed skylight can increase energy efficiency and reduce costs. Depending on where it is placed, a skylight can trap heat during the winter or can release heat during the summer. This minimizes the use of heating and air conditioning and saves many homeowners money. Skylight installers Toronto can give recommendations and advice on where to place skylights for heating and cooling.

What are the different skylights?

There are various types of skylights that can fit your home depending on your needs and requirements. Skylights Toronto recommends these 3 types:

Fixed skylights are the most common type of skylights. They are flat and rectangular and allow a lot of light and warmth to enter a room. These are good for any room that needs additional light. Since they cannot be opened, however, fixed skylights are not good for rooms that need additional ventilation. Skylight installation Toronto can design and place them in hard-to-reach corners or areas that provide dramatic and scenic views.

Tubular skylights have dome-like structures that gather light from different angles, collect it in a tube and diffuse the light in a room. These are considered energy efficient since they let more light in through an opening and direct and diffuse it into a room. Tubular skylights are able to reduce heat loss and heat gain due to their dome-like structure. Skylight installers Toronto recommend them for hallways, pantries, foyers, closets and enclosed spaces. These lights are easy to install and can fit into tight spaces. Tubular skylights work best in warmer climates that have regular sunny weather.

Ventilating skylights or roof windows are designed for rooms that have excess moisture like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms since they provide the needed ventilation for those rooms. They are also ideal for attics or lofts with sloping walls or high, cathedral ceilings. The beauty of roof windows or ventilating skylights is that they can be opened to let cool air in during hot summers.

What to consider when installing skylights?

A do-it-yourself installation of a skylight is a very difficult task for any homeowner. Unless you have had previous experience of installing a skylight, it would be best to leave the task to experts and professionals like skylight installers Toronto. There are many factors and considerations that a beginner would not know or be aware of. Professionals can also recommend the kind of skylight to install based on the slope and roof material and can guarantee a leak-free window.

Installing a skylight may seem like an inexpensive option, but homeowners should be prepared to shell out money for various expenses like the cost of materials and installation services. In terms of materials, it would also be tempting to get cheap, plastic-glazed units but these alternatives do not last and lead to inconveniences like leaks. Skylights Toronto suggests getting high-quality skylights with energy-efficient glazing since these materials are more durable and lasting.

Skylights also come in fixed or ventilating styles. It may seem like a great idea to get a ventilating skylight, but these are not ideal for out-of-reach corners or spaces. If it will be inaccessible, it is best to save your money and install a fixed skylight instead.

Another consideration is cleaning and maintenance. Skylights need to be cleaned regularly and need to be repaired when damaged by large hail or falling trees. Ventilating skylights also have mechanisms that need to be tuned up. If a ladder cannot even reach the skylight, then a homeowner should think twice about getting one. Skylight installers Toronto may also have services that can make skylights look clean and brand new.

What to consider when repairing skylights?

Even the most durable skylights need to be repaired once in a while. Skylights interrupt and penetrate the surface of a roof and therefore are prone to leaking. Leaking is one of the most common problems of skylights. A leak can indicate that the skylight has serious or hidden damage. An uncontrolled leak may also destroy the roof, attic space, and ceiling and insulation materials.

Skylight repairs Toronto can help resolve issues like leaking. They can do comprehensive inspections and evaluate the cause of leaking and other problems.  Skylight repairs Toronto offers reliable and efficient services and is keen on finding the best solution for old or damaged skylights or roofs.