Emergency Roof Repairs in Toronto and all GTA

Everyone has a roof and no matter how impervious you think your roof is, it is not indestructible. Whether it is a flat roof, a butterfly roof, a gambrel roof; we can fix them all. It may just be a leak or maybe the whole thing caved in, no matter what the problem is, we can help you out by fixing the roof.

We provide Emergency Roof Repair Services in Toronto. Disaster can strike at any moment without warning. It does not always have to be a natural disaster which puts you in need of emergency roof repair services but it can also be because your roof got old or had some sort of an infestation which could have lead to its collapse. However, not all customers call us for emergency roofing services in Toronto because their roof has caved in but also because there may be a leak which is ruining their furniture or floor and needs immediate attention. This is why we also provide emergency roof leak repair services in Toronto as well.

We provide our emergency roof repair services to both residential and commercial buildings.

Imagine going on vacation and coming back to find a leak in your roof. Your floor or and furniture must be ruined and the leak in your roof will require immediate attention and repair.

Once you call us to request emergency roof repair services in Toronto, we will send a professional service expert to assess your situation and temporarily fix the problem so that a more definite solution can be thought of. Once our employee has fixed the problem temporarily, you can discuss with us a permanent solution for your problem.

We carry out a full documentation of the damage that has been done by taking pictures and making notes. We prioritize your case according to its severity. If we think it is not very dangerous or pressing, we will tell you and discuss your options with you in detail but if we think the matter is very pressing, we will not waste any time and make sure we act on the problem with a permanent solution immediately.

The cost of your emergency roof repairs depends on the damage that was done and how extensive it was. We assess the situation and give you a quote accordingly. Since we are a 24 hour emergency roofing service, we are available all the time. However, if you call us very late at night, we may charge extra for coming out to your location outside of normal business hours.

If you think your roof is about to cave in or is getting old, it is better to call us to have a look at it before it actually does. Or if you roof has a leak, do not wait for the rainy season to have it fixed. Call us so we can prevent problems in the future. But if you don’t, we can still provide you with emergency roof repair services!

If you think you need our help, please do not hesitate to call us. We provide emergency roofing services in Toronto and all GTA.

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