Attic Ventilation

Not all homes have attics, but those who do reap the benefits of these extra rooms. These attics are not just additions to the architectural design but provide that much-needed space where you can store your stuff. The attic can also be turned into an extra bedroom with the right pieces of furniture, wall paint, and décor. The attic can be transformed into a functional area, though the ventilation could be a problem. When there is no proper insulation or ventilation in the attic, the room could be stuffed or too cold, thus making the attic uncomfortable to stay in.

This is the reason why attic ventilation is important for a room. When there is proper ventilation in a room, the room would be cooler and you can sleep well. Since attics could be small, the air might not circulate properly. Fortunately there are attic insulation companies Toronto that help install insulation in roofs.

With The Roof Whisperer, your problems regarding attic ventilation will be solved. In terms of attic insulation, Toronto is the best place to think of and perhaps the best reason, too, to have roof insulation. Toronto has a cold climate. Thus, roof ventilation in Toronto is important because the roof will maintain the temperature and vent the moisture to the attic. Proper attic ventilation also reduces cooling bills and winter ice dams. It also extends the life of the shingle.

There are also myths surrounding attic ventilation in Toronto. One of these myths is that roof vents are for countries with warm climates. While roof vents are particularly important during summer because they reduce the hot air, there are also other ways to increase energy efficiency in your home. What people mostly forget is that attic ventilation in Toronto is significant primarily because it is prevents the condensation of snow and moisture.

People also mistakenly believe that having more attic ventilation in Toronto is better. It is true that not having enough ventilation may result to problems in moisture during the winter season, but too much ventilation is also not good. This is because roof vents might create more leaks on the roof because there is an additional area where air can enter. Too much attic ventilation in Toronto might not be bad, especially if your place is prone to hurricane attacks. Be warned as well that sparks from a wildfire might enter your home through the roof vents.

It is also not true that roof vents actually block or remove warm air in winter. The matter to blame is not ventilation, but poor attic insulation in Toronto. Suppose the insulation has been designed without any provisions for attic ventilation, Toronto residents must prepare themselves for the condensation of warm air moisture. When the warm and moist air reaches the roof, this could condense and would make your roof rot and rust, depending on the roofing material.

Attic insulation companies in Toronto are also quick to add that not because your roof has vents, your attic is automatically ventilated. Sometimes, roof designs hinder the air from circulating. For example, vents in gables only allow a small amount of air to pass through. Ridge vents, on the other hand, do not produce ventilation at all. If you plan to have soffit vents, you might want to think twice because it may trap the air in your attic. The static vents, in contrast, are not wise to have because they are vulnerable to leaks. Perhaps the best choice for most homes would be the ridge and soffit ventilation system, although the designs would depend on each home.

There are also some things to remember before you ask for attic insulation in Toronto. Keeping a warmer home during the winter can be expensive, and sometimes, the simpler ideas work instead of turning the thermostat on or buying too many sweaters to keep you warm and cozy. You can actually call attic insulation companies in Toronto to help you with proper insulation. Though this can be a DIY project, the results could backfire if you would not allow experts to handle the matter by themselves.

There are three types of attic insulation: sprayed, batts, and blown. But even before you decide or ask the insulation company, check your attic for leaks first. If there are leaks, seal them up immediately. As for the three types of insulation, the first one is sprayed, so-called because it uses spray foam. There are two kinds of spray foam – closed cell and open cell. People sometimes choose the spray foam because it allows you to move or adjust the boundary between the conditioned space and the unconditioned space in your attic. This is otherwise known as the building envelope. When you do this, the ducts are brought inside the building envelope and you save on redesigning your house.

The second type of insulation is batts, which can either be cotton or fiberglass. The efficiency is quite the same and cotton batts, for that matter, is “organic” in the sense that it is made from recycled jeans.

Batts have a disadvantage, however. If they don’t fill the space well, then they will not function well, too. Any material for insulation must fill the space completely for it to work. Gaps should be closed.

Finally, the third type of insulation is blown, which actually comes in small packages. Like the other two types, blown can be made of fiberglass or cellulose. They can insulate at the same rate and quality, and in terms of material, you’ll just have to choose which one works best for your attic. Cellulose is made from newspapers, while fiberglass comes from sand. What is known in most homes, however, is that blown insulation is better tan batts.

It is really important for you to have your attic ventilated and insulated. As per the Department of Energy, insulation actually saves up on energy and you don’t have to buy thermostats or resort to expensive ways of keeping your attic warm. With just a quick call to competent and efficient attic insulation companies in Toronto, like us, you will never have to worry about leaks and poor ventilation and insulation ever again.